Addiction Treatment Centers in California

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Looking for a Christian addiction treatment center or alcohol rehab in California? Help can be found at Light House Women's Recovery Center for adult women.

A More Fulfilling and Productive Way of Living, Free from Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Women can achieve sobriety, embrace independence, re-connect with family, and joyfully live free from drugs and alcohol while meeting life’s demands and the journey begins at a safe place to call home, Light House Women’s Recovery Center in Fresno, CA!

We understand that women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction need support, accountability, and structure. That’s why Light House Women's Recovery Center provides:

-Secure, caring, home-like residence empowering educational classes
-Vital individual, group and family therapy
-Inspirational, faith-building Bible studies and mentors
-Important life-skills training (anger management, parenting, career building, office skills, health & wellness, family relationship and group therapy)
-Essential employment skills, and job opportunities

Light House Women's Recovery has everything she needs to experience long-term recovery and live her new life with hope, purpose and meaning.

Outpatient & Residential Addiction Treatment

Light House Women’s Recovery Center offers both Residential and Non-Residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs to women suffering from life-controlling substance abuse.

The search for the best addiction treatment centers and rehabs in California includes drug rehab centers in Fresno, San Diego, Las Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and San Jose.


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