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Affordable Counseling Choices
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We desire to make hope within reach. This is not just a vision; it’s a reminder that what we do matters in the long run. It shows that there’s no single solution for everyone and keeps us motivated to help.

Our supportive, faith-based programs bring real change and practical solutions for overcoming life’s toughest challenges, extending help to men, women, teen boys, and teen girls.

We know that sometimes what we do, think, and feel doesn’t achieve the desired results. If your daily life feels overwhelming and tiring because of the people, places, and things around you, please know we’re here to assist you


Experienced Licensed Counseling for

✔ Alcohol Use
✔ Anger Management
✔ Drug Abuse
✔ Family Conflict
✔ Anxiety
✔ Self Esteem
✔ Gambling
✔ Relationship Issues
✔ Harmful Thoughts
✔ Isolation & Loneliness
✔ Trauma and PTSD
✔ Substance Use


At Teen Challenge, we take pride in our exceptional drug rehab and alcoholism recovery success rates, earning the respect of national leaders. Our approach gives patients a strong spiritual foundation, guidance, mentoring, and motivation to maintain a clean and sober life. We address the underlying causes of substance abuse using proven recovery tools to prevent relapse. Contact Hope Counseling Southwest today to discover how we can help you break free from addiction.