Home-like rehabs for adult women that are affordable, including Christian rehabs and faith-based rehabs and Adult & Teen Challenge Centers – drug rehabs near me and therapeutic boarding schools.
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These Rehabs are Affordable, Home-Like, and Designed Exclusively for Women


“For as long as I can remember my life has been chaos. When I was little my parents allowed a family member to move in with us. At the age of 6 he began molesting me and my sister. I spent my life confused and ashamed. As I got older this just turned in to more fear and more anger and I went from this scared little girl to this angry junkie. I don’t even know when that changed. I woke up one day and I was somebody that I thought I would never be, I was a needle junkie. I lost everybody in my life, I was alone and completely lost. I didn’t have anything left but an abusive boyfriend and a really bad drug habit. God had something else planned for my life. I went to Adult & Teen Challenge and now I wake up every morning and I don’t have to stick a needle up my arm or powder up my nose. It’s just amazing!”

 — Tabitha  

“I grew up in a very loving Christian family. I was very involved in church. Senior year of high school I started to hang-out with the wrong group of people. Once I entered into college it got worse. One drug consumed my life, OxyContin and any pain pill I could get my hands on. I lived for this drug day and night. My husband and I started to use this drug together. Even when I found out I was pregnant, the drug use just got worse and worse. I was so depressed, I had no hope. Eventually I overdosed and ended up in a psych ward. We both decided to come to Adult & Teen Challenge and God has just completely changed both of our lives. I am not depressed any more. I have such a hope and future. I know that my son’s going to have godly parents now.”  


“I was brought me up in a good church family, but I knew God in my head and not in my heart. In high school, I found a new group of friends who introduced me to marijuana and other drugs. As a result, I became very rebellious and my grades started to drop.  I was in a courtroom every other month. Eventually the court took me away from my parents and put me in a state-sponsored rehab. That helped nothing — after that I went back to exactly what I was doing, but this time I began selling drugs to pay for my habit. Then, I hit rock bottom and that is when I found Adult & Teen Challenge. Since going there God has just completely changed me. I have a new mindset and a new perspective on life now. I have a strong desire to pursue God and His calling and purpose for my life.”


“When I was fourteen years old my uncle kidnaped me, raped me, and a lot of other horrible things occurred during this time. At the age of fourteen, I began smoking crack and using cocaine in order to cope with life. I became addicted to meth and a lot of other drugs. I was caught trafficking drugs, and was facing 15 felonies and a lot of other charges, but instead of getting help, I turned to a legal drug — alcohol — instead. I thought I had finally gotten my life together because alcohol was legal. I started going to college, but I could not stop drinking. Then I ended up overdosing on cocaine. The last thing I remember was my friends talking about dropping me off at the emergency room and leaving me there. It was the lowest point in my life.

Someone told my parents about Adult & Teen Challenge, so they brought me there. I was reluctant at first, but eventually got with the program.  Here, the Lord saved me from my addiction, from destruction, and crowned me with his loving kindness and tender mercies. I now have that peace that passes all understanding and joy that ever floods my soul. I never had such a great love for God and others as I do today, even though I may be facing prison time. I have peace. I came into this program with a heart full of bitterness and hatred, but God exchanged that hatred for love.”


“I spent my entire earlier life addicted to drugs and alcohol, since I was a teenager. I found myself alone, exhausted, and with no self-respect or love in my heart. I was on empty in every way possible. My two youngest boys were taken into state custody and my marriage was falling apart.  So, I contacted Adult & Teen Challenge. While there my heart was renewed every day as my relationship with my Lord and Savior grew stronger. My identity changed from being a drug addict, poor mom, and nagging wife into a child of the Most High God.  My husband and I renewing our vows, our family is fully restored, and I will be spending the rest of my life loving and ministering to others.”


“God has delivered me from the bondage of addiction, anger, fear, depression and self-loathing. Adult & Teen Challenge made it possible for me to lift my head with real hope for the future. I used to depend on the bottle in my hand for survival, but now I’ve thrown the bottle away and I’m holding on to Jesus.”


“After years of being hurt, used and abused, I lost myself. Through addiction, I became numb to life and pushed away everyone that loved me. I did not care about myself, my family or my future. All I cared about was my next fix. In my more lucid times, the depression would take over; I felt like no one would ever love me again. But then at Adult & Teen Challenge I came to know Christ and now I see myself from a whole new perspective. Life has a new meaning and my family means the world to me. My life is restored.  I am so thankful for God’s forgiving grace and for a new life that I have found here.”  



We can also help you in your search for other addiction treatment centers, cheap drug rehabs, military schools, Christian drug rehabs, addiction treatment centers or rehabs. Finding the right alcohol and drug rehab is one of the most important decisions for an addict. It is important to understand everything you can about substance abuse recovery centers and drug recovery centers. Christian rehabs usually offer separate facilities for each gender. Insurance for addiction recovery forces drug addiction rehabs to complete their addiction recovery in 90 days or less, which usually doesn't work. Adult & Teen Challenge Centers are a long-term addiction recovery program and facility that is affordable, serving men and women from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee and Virginia.

Affordablet and Home-Like Addiction Rehab Centers Just for Women

Home-like rehabs for adult women that are affordable, including Christian rehabs and faith-based rehabs and Adult & Teen Challenge Centers

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