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One of the major differences is the amount of time that our centers dedicate to each individual. Recovery here is further reinforced by a supportive peer community — a controlled environment where new positive habits are formed, mentoring by others who have walked the same path to freedom. Individuals also participate in work designed to teach humility and responsibility. They earn the pride in a job well-done.  This process all takes a full year to take its course…a full year that we dedicate our lives to your recovery.


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We can also help you in your search for other drug rehabilitation center, addiction treatment near Fort Myers, Teen Challenge schools, Orlando addiction treatment programs, addiction treatment near me or boarding schools for teens. Finding the right alcohol and drug rehab is one of the most important decisions for an addict. It is important to understand everything you can about substance abuse recovery centers and drug recovery centers. Christian rehabs usually offer separate facilities for each gender. Long-term, low-cost addiction recovery programs, serving men and women from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Virginia.

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Affordable rehabs - the rehab you need at a fraction of the cost. Need addiction treatment but cannot afford it? Look into these programs.